Are you and your partner considering abortion? We know this time can be stressful, but you are not alone.

The financial strain it can have on you and your girlfriend can be overwhelming. Abortion is not cheap, and if you and your girlfriend aren’t married, she most likely cannot be covered by your insurance.

Will Insurance Cover Abortions?

Insurance companies typically won’t cover a girlfriend on a policy unless they are a spouse or a domestic partner. There usually must be a financial legal obligation to extend coverage.

Health insurance rules vary by insurance company, so contact your insurance provider to verify coverage.

Arizona Medicaid Coverage

If your partner is seeking coverage with Medicaid, it’s important to know that Arizona does not cover abortion costs under state Medicaid except in cases of life endangerment, rape, and incest.

Insurance plans offered through the state health care exchange are also prohibited from providing abortion coverage.

Health Insurance During Pregnancy

Regardless of which pregnancy option your girlfriend is leaning toward, it’s crucial for her to have healthcare coverage during pregnancy.

You can support her by helping her find health insurance. Depending on her income level, she may qualify for state Medicaid. If she works for an employer, they may offer insurance as part of their benefits package.

Begin With Free Pregnancy Services

Safeguard your partner’s health with a free pregnancy test at the Pregnancy Care Center of Chandler today. If the test is positive, we will provide a free ultrasound to collect critical health details to inform her of her next steps.

We can support you and your partner as you navigate this challenging time. Be informed about abortion, the risks, and additional options.

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