Is your partner unexpectedly pregnant and considering abortion? Or are you pregnant and wondering if your partner should have a say when it comes to abortion? Abortion is a serious medical decision that will not only affect your future forever but your partners as well.

While every partner relationship is unique, men may want to weigh in on an abortion decision. It’s important to stay honest and open if possible.

What is Your Relationship Like?

Since every relationship is different for partners during pregnancy, both partners need to consider the following before asking their partner to weigh in:

  • Is your partner supportive when it comes to your pregnancy?
  • Did he demonstrate that he wants to be involved in the process?
  • What are his thoughts about abortion?
  • Do I feel safe to share the news?

These questions are important to consider when navigating a conversation about abortion with your partner.

Your safety is number one. If you’re facing an unexpected pregnancy and your partner is in any way abusive, be sure to get help. Contact the National Domestic Violence hotline for immediate support.

Know the Risks

There are emotional and physical risks of abortion that both parties should be aware of before deciding on abortion.

Medical abortion (the abortion pill) comes with physical risks, including incomplete abortion, infection, fever, digestive system discomfort, and heavy and prolonged bleeding.

Surgical abortion comes with physical risks, including damage to the cervix, perforation of the uterus, infection, and scar tissue on the wall of the uterus.

Talk Safely & Confidentially

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