A trend moving across the nation among young women is THE SECOND VIRGINITY. Unfulfilled and hurt from past sexual liaisons, more women are taking control of their bodies—and feeling better for it emotionally. What are the benefits to THE SECOND VIRGINITY?

  • Avoiding all STD’s (Sexual Transmitted Diseases). Many STDs are curable, but others carry a lifetime physical consequences. The peace of mind knowing you are not putting yourself at risk is empowering. A lifelong STD can be a deal-breaker for many seeking lifelong partners.
  • An increased sense of self-worth and self-esteem. While some women claim they enjoy sex for their own benefits, it usually comes with emotional regrets. Women feel used, neglected, or lonely.
  • Better sex in marriage. Studies reveal that couples who wait to have sex until married to each other enjoy more frequent and fulfilling sex lives. Women, in particular, enjoy sex more when they feel secure, respected, and valued within the boundaries of marriage.
  • It is foolproof. The only guaranteed form of birth control is abstinence. What’s more, it is free and has no side effects! The risk of unwanted pregnancy that leads to single parenting or abortion is another reason women are claiming THEIR SECOND VIRGINITY.

Consider joining other women in the empowering, healthy decision to reclaim your virginity until marriage. It carries no risks and promises to be healthier- emotionally and physically.​