We know how scary an unexpected pregnancy can be. You are not alone. Abortion is not your only option. 

You may feel overwhelmed by external pressures or from those you know and love. Ultimately, the decision is yours to make. Make a confident decision today by understanding more about your other two pregnancy options besides abortion.

1. Parenting

Parenting can seem like the most challenging option because it comes with the greatest responsibility and commitment. Parenting is also one of life’s most rewarding and joyful experiences. 

Our center offers many parenting resources and support, so you don’t have to do parenting alone. Our parenting classes teach you the skills you need to do parenting well. Learn alongside other new moms and dads. You can also earn credit toward brand-new baby items from our boutique.

Our parenting classes are held every Thursday at 5:00 pm (for prenatal classes) and 6:15 pm (for parenting/life skills training). Daycare is provided, too. We can also assist you by providing information on the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS), doctors, food assistance, shelters, and various other resources. Contact us for more information. 

2. Adoption

Why consider adoption as you face an unexpected pregnancy? Though you may feel clueless about the process of adoption, there are multiple adoption plans to choose from. Adoption has drastically changed over the years, offering birth moms more control over the process.

Choose from open, closed, or semi-open adoption. While no adoption plan is better than the other, it simply depends on the type of relationship you desire to have with your child and adoptive family.

To understand if adoption is for you, contact us, and one of our client advocates will sit down with you to discuss adoption. We also offer referrals to reputable agencies and adoption specialists. 

Our parenting and adoption support is completely free and confidential. Remember, you always have more than one option.