Are you struggling after an abortion? Youre not alone in your struggle. With such a drastic procedure comes significant emotional effects. Hope and help are available. 

It’s important to seek professional help if you find yourself struggling. You deserve to have peace and joy in your life once again. Our caring team at the Pregnancy Care Center of Chandler is here for you.

Common Struggles After Abortion

A study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry reported dramatic changes in mental health in women after abortion. This study reviewed medical information from 877,000 women, of which 164,000 had an abortion. The women who had an abortion were 81 percent more likely to experience mental health struggles. They were:

  • 34% more likely to develop an anxiety disorder
  • 37% more likely to experience depression
  • 110% more likely to abuse alcohol
  • 155% more likely to commit suicide
  • 220% more likely to abuse marijuana

According to this study, 10 percent of these issues could be linked to a woman’s abortion.

How Can I Recover?

It’s best to seek professional help as you face the many challenges of recovering emotionally after an abortion. 

Speaking to someone is helpful and provides direction for what you can do to find self-forgiveness and healing for your unique journey. Further steps that some women may find helpful include: 

  • Talk with others about your feelings
  • Join an abortion recovery support group
  • Participate in physical activity
  • Get plenty of sleep. Eat a healthy diet. Drink enough water.
  • Avoid alcohol, drugs, and tobacco
  • Get back to your daily routine
  • Get involved in your community 

Help Is Available

If you’ve had any of the above feelings or are experiencing other emotions after your abortion, join our Recovery Group. You need someone you can trust to open up to. Others are hurting just like you, and there’s comfort in knowing you’re not alone in your feelings.

Our Healing Program

We also offer an 8-week course that guides you in finding your desired healing. For more information, please call the center at 480-374-2994. Contact us to make a free and confidential appointment.