Abortion may be something you don’t want right now, and that’s okay. Maybe the risks are too much for you. You’ve had an abortion, and your previous experience gives you the clarity of not wanting another one.

In this blog, we want to share more about your alternative pregnancy options and available support and resources. You can do this.

Your Alternative Options

1. Adoption

Unplanned pregnancies often create anxiety and questions, especially if you are unsure what to do. Adoption could be a great fit for you. Though it can be emotionally challenging, many women find it provides peace knowing that their child is cared for and loved in a supportive environment.

There is more than one adoption plan to choose from. Some adoption plans that may fit your lifestyle and needs include:

  • Open adoption: This adoption type allows the birth mother to choose the adoptive family, have a relationship with the family, and communicate regularly through visits, phone calls, or letters.
  • Semi-open adoption: A semi-open adoption allows communication with the family but is done through a third party, like an adoption attorney or agency.
  • Closed adoption: This plan is the most confidential, as all identifying records are sealed. The birth mother does not communicate with the adoptive family, and all the birth mother’s information stays anonymous.

Adoption is free, and an adoption specialist will help you understand the process and provide emotional, material, and financial assistance. Birth mothers are supported through adoption and beyond.

2. Parenting

Maybe you’re wondering how you will financially support a child or what you will do for childcare. Whether you’re unexpectedly pregnant and considering parenthood or a single mother searching for resources, you most likely have lots of questions.

Parenting involves responsibility and sacrifice; there is great joy and love in the process. Resources and support are available to equip you to be the best parent you can be.

Talk in a Safe Place

Whether you feel pressure from your partner or are unsure of your next step, we’re here for you. Get the clarity and support you need at our center.

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