Sharing the news with your partner alone can be stressful, and then sharing that you want an abortion can seem even more overwhelming. To take the weight off yourself, we always recommend being open and honest about your pregnancy journey with your partner.

Opening up to your partner doesn’t make it ok for your partner to pressure you into any decision, but it does allow your partner to respond and share his thoughts, as he will be affected by this major decision as well.

Be Open & Honest

Communicate clearly about your pregnancy with your partner, as your decision will impact both of your lives.

Do your best to listen and take in your partner’s words without the pressure to respond immediately. Though your relationship may not be perfect right now, doing this process together will help you both through the process.

Your Safety Matters

If you have doubts about the way your partner will respond due to previous safety concerns in your relationship, you are not obligated to share this process with your partner. Your safety is number one.

You are not alone. If your partner makes you feel unsafe, contact the National Domestic Abuse Hotline. A representative can assist you with resources that will help you find safety.

Get All the Facts

Before moving forward with any pregnancy decision, get all the facts to make a decision with clarity. If considering abortion, you will need to confirm important details of your pregnancy to determine if you are eligible.

We offer free and confidential pregnancy tests and ultrasounds by a licensed OB/GYN or sonographer to those who qualify.

Come to our center today for the information you need to make a confident, empowered decision about your pregnancy. Contact us to see if you qualify for a free ultrasound.